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  “I use AmeriSciences products every day and so do my patients at our Copperfield Wellness & Weight Control Center. We have observed and laboratory-verified significant weight loss, reduced LDL cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure readings and stabilized blood sugar levels using AmeriSciences products. And I feel great!”

Dr. Mary Neale
Concord, NC
  “As a doctor, many of my days are very long. It’s not unusual for me to be seeing my first patient at 6 a.m. and still be working at nine or ten o’clock at night. AmeriSciences Energy has helped to sustain my stamina throughout the day.”

Dr. Bill Bailey
Tampa, FL
  “Taking Omega Max, using the Slim Science Program and walking my dog for 20 minutes four days a week, I lost 40 pounds, realized an 80-point drop in my cholesterol and 100-point decrease in triglycerides in just four months. The weight loss has been so evident that my patients ask daily how I did it and tell me how great I look. I’ve maintained my weight loss and continue to feel great.”

Dr. Willie Moore
Lake Forest, CA
  “I have lost 20 pounds in just a few months using AmeriSciences nutritional supplements. I tolerate the supplements very well and feel great. The AmeriSciences supplements are also extremely popular with my patients who have been getting great results over the last four years. They have improved their Diabetes Mellitus control, reduced cholesterol levels and have lost body fat just to name a few.”

Dr. Dino Brodie
Longwood, FL
  It is a wonderful way to be able to get high dose antioxidants in a small amount of good tasting juice on a daily basis. Knowing that the product is the result of a joint effort of AmeriSciences and NASA is even more exciting – unlike anything on the market today!

Dr. Maria Adams, M.D.
Charlotte, NC
  What people don’t know about antioxidants could be destroying their health and lead to chronic disease. The dark vegetables contain good antioxidants, but the potent antioxidants in the Super Fruits of the Amazon rainforest as found in AS10, could, in my considered opinion, provide the necessary antioxidants we all need.

Dr. Casey Tarrant, M.D.
Logan, WV
  By combining efficacious supplementation with safe and effective weight management using the AmeriSciences Slim Science program, along with support for positive changes in lifestyle, physicians can offer their patients, who are at risk for coronary artery disease, a real opportunity for disease prevention.

Roger Morrison, MD and Nissa Robert, PT, MS, PCS
Woodlands, TX
  Quality of life is the main issue for me. It is the products of AmeriSciences that have allowed me to sleep. I was literally having migraines about once a week – plus on a total of four medicines – when I finally sampled the products. I immediately realized I was having success with AmeriSciences Sleep and I have not had a migraine since. The products are the backbone of the company and their criteria – system specific, ease of use, safety and the quality in their formulations make the complicated issue of today’s health and wellness easy.

Dr. Luis Sowders
Clermont, FL
  I’ve lost 20 pounds since I began taking Slim, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of arthritic relief from using Joint Ease,” she explains. “A lot of times, I use Slim Right as a meal replacement simply because my busy work schedule doesn’t allow time for a meal break. Then there are times when I’ll use it as a healthy snack because I enjoy the taste so much.

Dr. Elizabeth Fortier
Orlando, FL
  “Two years ago I was suffering from an enlarged prostate. As a result, I woke my wife up four to five times a night to use the bathroom. I was taking prescription medication to keep the swelling under control, but since I started taking AmeriSciences Prostate Plus, I am not required to take my medication as check-ups with my doctor have been consistently fine. The best thing is that I am 87 and I have my quality of life back.”

Dr. Samuel Woods
Oranjestad, Aruba
  “I have been taking Women’s Master-Multi, Cardio Plus and Antioxidant Plus daily for over a year. Without changing any other variables and only taking the products, my cholesterol had dropped 45 points! I started taking Omega Max, Slim and Carb Right and drank Slim Right with soymilk. In one month, I lost 10 pounds and my cholesterol dropped another 25 points!”

Dr. Marcella Rodriguz
Kent, OH
  “When I was introduced to AmeriSciences Energy, I was pleasantly surprised. It has been very subtle and did not cause dry mouth, shakiness or palpitations like traditional medicines can. For me, Energy has removed my fatigue. I’ve always said that yawning in front of your patients is poor bedside-manner. For me, that has been the greatest benefit.”

Dr. Lloyd Sterling
St. Petersburg, FL
  AS10 is a product that’s combining the benefits of what’s naturally occurring in the environment with highly concentrated amounts of macronutrients and micronutrients that are found typically in fruits and vegetables… The super fruits that AS10 is made from, combined with the science of the antioxidants that are included in the product will really help us live a healthier lifestyle for the future.

Dr. Duane Wiggins, M.D.
Fort Myers, FL
  From childhood we have been taught the value of fresh fruits and vegetables. Through modern science we know that much of that value comes from antioxidants and phytonutrients in fresh foods. AS10 has those most important elements available as concentrated nutrition for America’s fastpaced lifestyle.

Otha Strouse, M.D.
Jackson, MS
  I became a distributor with AmeriSciences because of the product quality, there is no question that there has been an improvement in the health of my patients and practice.

Dr. Hilda Castro
Atlanta, GA
  Back in April I started taking Slim and by also adding exercise and controlling my diet, I lost 18 pounds my first month and 8 pounds my second! One of the nurses in my Family Practice also lost 5 pounds in her first week. Plus, I also have a patient on Slim who lost 15 pounds in a month and another who started taking Cardio Plus and dropped his triglycerides from 371 to 126 in 6 weeks while raising his HDL level.

Dr. James Herbert
Poca, WV