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A Longer, Healthier Life is Within Reach

Because today’s reality is that many people do not eat a varied, balanced diet, a positive difference in our lives can be achieved by putting into practice proper nutritional supplementation. Accordingly, premium vitamin and mineral formulations can reduce the risk factors for poor health to give you a greater quality of life.

At AmeriSciences, we understand that even quality formulations can only go so far if they are limited by subpar manufacturing techniques. We recognize that today’s dietary supplement regulations, including insufficient Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP guidelines, in the U.S. present a large gap that allows inferior manufacturers to bring products of questionable quality to market. This is why we have developed one of the highest standards in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering only top-quality products, manufactured at FDA-registered facilities that follow OTC pharmaceutical standards.

Unlike other dietary supplement manufacturers, AmeriSciences’ self-imposed standards include Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, Vendor Qualification and strict In-Process Controls, all thoroughly reviewed and enforced.

Our self-imposed standards are so high because we produce products with the physician in mind. As our products are regularly sold through physician’s offices, we want our products to be of a quality that a physician would feel good about recommending to patients, as well as giving to his/her family. The end result is a premium product that is approved and recommended by physicians nationwide.

We invite you to try our products and feel the difference true quality makes.