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AmeriSciences’ philosophy is to separate itself from the competition by simply producing a better product. With the FDA’s lack of strict regulation of the nutritional industry, consumers are left with choosing products in a traditional manner (retail stores) without the ability to truly discern between a quality product and a junk product. Studies have shown that when tested, off-the-shelf products often have discrepancies between what is in the product and what is on the label. Furthermore, some of the products you can buy are actually dangerous to your health rather than beneficial as you would expect.

AmeriSciences takes the guesswork out of nutrition by adhering to self-imposed standards far exceeding that of the general marketplace. These standards are essentially patterned off of the FDA regulation of pharmaceutical products.

With AmeriSciences, you make the right choice for your family’s health.


“It is our mission to provide you with the safest, most effective products on the market today. We believe in providing only the highest quality products with the most advanced formulations so you can rest assured that when you invest in your health with AmeriSciences, you are giving your body not only what it needs, but what it deserves.”

– Barry Cocheu
President/CEO of AmeriSciences