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Welcome to AmeriSciences

AmeriSciences has partnered with physicians and scientists to develop enhanced nutrition by providing a line of nutritional supplements and beverages that offer health and wellness solutions that target your needs with premium effective formulations backed by science.

One of the best products we provide is the hcg drops that work for almost everyone. This diet product helps people to lose weight in a relatively short period of time.

With rigorous quality assurance tests, maximum bioavailability, optimal dosages and ingredient purity, AmeriSciences ensures that its products give you and your family the ability to improve your quality of life.


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We invite you to try an AmeriSciences product and feel the difference that true quality makes!
How are these products different from what I buy at the drugstore or health food store?
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When will I start to feel the positive effects?
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How does the price compare with products I can buy elsewhere?
Why do I need to take some of these vitamins more than once a day?